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About me

The passion for travel and the unceasing desire to discover new realities, combined with my artistic education, push me to work on the constant research of uniqueness and authenticity.

From here emerges my dedication and love to the world of hospitality, with the aim of creating a new and profound connection between places, experiences and sensations that in my opinion deserve to be lived.

I believe that travelling broadens the mind, changes the way of thinking and gives countless opportunities to learn and achieve a lot from each new experience.

The Philosophy


The goal of this project is to give the right value and visibility to hidden and charming properties and to establish connections and an interactions with the audience of today's modern and digital travellers, following the customers step by step in a strategic, creative and personalized path.


The intention is to create a digital showcase where everyone will be able to find their own space; the aim is to help the accomodations to raise their voice in this world by assisting them in telling their story beautifully and concomitantly to advise travellers so that they'll live and gain memories that will last a lifetime.


The main focus is on building a trusted and loyal community based on integrity and transparency. Is well known that the only way to do a great work is to love what you do, in fact, it is passion what power us all and that's why we should allow this sentiment about travel to become for us an inspiration to to discover new horizons.

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