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advisory and planning


Everyone wants to organize and live their dream holidays, collecting unforgettable memories and enjoying unique experiences every time they travel. However, this activity can be stressful and overwhelming if you are not inclined to be a good planner and don’t have so much time to dedicate to it. But you can still have your perfect itinerary arranged and thus be sure that you won't miss anything special during your trip! 

What are we talking about

What are we talking


Since we are a travel-addicted team and we had the opportunity to explore several places around, we can help you to create your own exclusive itinerary based on your personal requests and needs. Having a great guest experience is not always to take for granted and that’s why we are happy to support and assist you so that you can experience amazing moments that you will hardly forget.  


We will give you a travel consultation remotely and ask you to fill out a questionnaire first, so that we can have an idea about the program that we are going to draw up for you. Then, together we will discuss your itinerary, travel style, special requests and answer any questions that you may have.  

Each travel consultancy includes a follow-up email with a tailor-made guide for you containing a curated list of our favorite stays, restaurants, bars, must-visit places, including a personalized Google map and all the contact information you’ll need.  


* Please note that:

- this service does not include video calls with us, booking hotel stays or making reservations. 


- because each guide is unique, the price of this service may vary according to your requests.

We will help

you to...

Get to know places you've never heard of before 

Create for you a bespoke and exclusive trip 

Find the best solution for your stay

Live the holiday you have always dreamt of 

Make memories that you will never forget 

Let's work together!

Create your


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