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Social media have become a big part of our lives and we can define them as a personal and digital showcase through which we can emerge in the competitive world of the current market. The goal is to reach people that share your philosophy, tastes and interest and to direct them into your social media channels, so that these can grow organically and constantly!  


What are we talking


We understand that owning and managing a property means having many activities to run and that in most cases, especially for small accomodations, the time you should dedicate to the handle of social media platform is materially not available, as the demand for the online presence is in continuous increase.  

We want to create with you a strong digital strategy that will lead your accomodation to the next level, boosting remarkably the traffic on your channels and transforming the audience in new potential clients. We want that, through the constant engagement of people with your account, those fully understand your reality and are entice to discover always more and more.


We will be happy to administer for you your social media and plan the right approach with the aim of reaping all possible benefits for your activity. Consequentially you will see the expansion of the traffic, the increasing of the interest and of course the final conversion into reservations

* Please note that:

- because each account and its management is different and personalized, the rate of this service will vary according to your requests and the goals we will set together and so, the price will be calculated on the estimated working time. 

- payments will be on a monthly basis

We will help

you to...

Manage your social media accounts 

Create your digital strategy 

Establish a strong social media presence 

Elevate and target your audience 

Reach people that love your business


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